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Meet Our New Serve Pastor!

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Meet Our New Serve Pastor!

Nov 8, 2023

Meet Our New Serve Pastor!

Nov 8, 2023

There's a new face on campus!

If you’ve joined us at Hillside recently and walked in our main doors, you might have seen a new, smiling face greeting you. Lisa Toney has officially joined our team as our new serve pastor and we could not be more excited to welcome her as she takes on an incredibly important role for our church.

Serving has always been woven into the very breadth of who we are as a church. Essentially, it is who we are as believers! We are never more like Jesus than when we are serving others, and we believe God is calling us to do this in even bigger and bolder ways in the seasons to come.

So, enter Lisa.

Lisa and her family have been attending Hillside for about a year, with she and her husband, Carl, even speaking at our Transformed Seminar back in April. She holds a communications degree from Taylor University and attended seminary at Fuller Theological Seminary.Having been in ministry for more than 20 years, she said she, “never gets tired of hearing the stories of God working in powerful and transformative ways in people’s lives.”

Lisa and Carl have four kids – Zoe (10th grade), Gus (8th grade), Pax (6th grade), and Eden (4th grade). Carl is a professor of New Testament and chair of the graduate ministry program at Hope International University, and together they love leading Bible lands/history international tours. As our new serve pastor, Lisa is excited to continue championing serving with compassion – both locally, here in our church and in our local cities, and globally, through our partners.Lisa is grateful to be here and says, “God is on the move at Hillside. What an exciting time to be part of this family. I am excited to get to know the people of Hillside and get to serve side-by-side with you as we get to be the light and salt of our community.”


  1. Favorite foods: Poke and popcorn (but not together)
  2. Favorite activities: sailing, gardening, painting, traveling, writing, and fashion
  3. Favorite Bible verse: “LOVE the Lord your God, LISTEN to His voice, and HOLD fast to Him, for the Lord is your LIFE…” Deuteronomy 30:20
  4. Game Choice: Catan (if you know, you know)
  5. We have one puppy, one gecko, and five chickens
  6. I’d want Drew Barrymore to play me in a movie of my life.
  7. My go-to karaoke song is, “Livin’ On A Prayer”
  8. My first job was being a donut froster….frosting donuts…um…how do you say that? Is it even a real job? It is.
  9. I can throw axes, juggle, and wear lipstick everywhere.
  10. I love the word “rad.”

Say hi!

If you see Lisa around the halls of Hillside, make sure to stop by, introduce yourself and say hi! And if you are looking to serve somewhere, we’d love to help you get plugged in. Whether you want to serve the church, serve the city or serve the world, there are a bunch of opportunities for you to jump in and get connected in serving!

Also, Lisa has created a survey to get to know you better. Click the button below to take the survey now!