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New Children’s Director: Cynthia Fluker



New Children’s Director: Cynthia Fluker

Jun 29, 2018

New Children’s Director: Cynthia Fluker

Jun 29, 2018

One simple phone call.

Thats all it takes to change the trajectory of your life. At least, that’s how many it took Cynthia and Frank Fluker when they answered a call for Frank to teach music at Hillside’s Arts Camp back in 2014. It turned out Hillside was getting a two-for-one deal, because unbeknownst to us, Cynthia was also a talented teacher and vocalist, with a burning love for children.The young couple met while Cynthia was studying for her bachelor’s degree in Music Education and Music Business at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Since then, they have gotten married, adopted her youngest brother after her mother was diagnosed with cancer, and become faithful members and leaders at Hillside. Cynthia has also acquired two master’s degrees, one in Business from Full Sail University, and the other in Education from The University of Redlands. Currently, she is working on her doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis on Christian Ministry from Grand Canyon University.

While she may not have her doctorate degree just yet, Cynthia has already shown herself to be an incredible leader, both inside and outside of the church. Since coming to Hillside, she has served faithfully as our Arts Academy and Music Lessons Director. You may have even seen her on stage on Sundays, leading us in worship with Frank behind her on the drums.Outside of church, Cynthia has worked in children’s development as a public school teacher for seven years. She first began teaching high schoolers as a choir instructor. Next, she taught kindergarten through eighth grade, until eventually settling as a permanent elementary school teacher. She found that she has a sweet spot for working with younger kids when she realized, “I can make more of a difference in children’s lives at a younger age.” She loves being able to positively impact children while they’re still impressionable, and feels that, “If I can catch them while they’re still young, and try to mold those character principles into them, they’ll remember it when they’re older.”

This is why we are so excited that she has answered this new call to transition from being our Arts Academy and Music Lessons Director into the role of Children’s Director here at Hillside. She is excited to lead this awesome Kids Ministry to the next level. Her hope is to build up our team of volunteers and incorporate more junior high and high schoolers to partner with her team as good influences and role models for our younger kids. She is passionate about developing leaders and volunteers, so team building will be one of her main focuses in this role. She also hopes to appeal even more to this current generation of kids, whos interests change just about every seven years.When asked what her vision is for her new role, Cynthia said, “My vision would be to meet kids where they are, and walk alongside them.” We are so excited to support her as she does this, taking this next step in ministry, leading our kiddos and building up God’s kingdom.

It’s been years since Frank and Cynthia answered that first call to come to Hillside. Now, Cynthia has answered a new call. One that will not only change her life, but hopefully the lives of many of our kids for the better as well.

By: Tyla Hairston
Communications Intern