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Small Act, Big Impact

Starfish Ministry


Small Act, Big Impact

Jan 9, 2019

Small Act, Big Impact

Jan 9, 2019

What you do MATTERS.

When we step out in service and love our communities in tangible ways, we sometimes don’t get to see the end results. But it still matters.

Packing up boxes for military personnel overseas, we’re not there to see their faces when they open the box. Cleaning up local schools and providing fresh paint and murals to their walls, we don’t see the looks on the students’ faces when they show up the next day. Dropping off items for our Feed Rancho food drives, we don’t see the people who gratefully receive these necessities. But it still matters.Just because we don’t see the end result, doesn’t mean we’re not a part of it. The end result of our generosity is to glorify God; and whether it’s through our time, money or donations, we get to be a part of His work in loving others right here, right now. What a privilege this is!

Back in December, Hillside and the Starfish Ministry hosted a gift card drive, and 223 were collected for kids in local group homes. What may be considered a small act on our part had a huge impact for all those who received a gift card.

It showed them they are loved.

It showed them that there are people in the community, here at Hillside, that are thinking of them, praying for them and that care for them.

It showed them that there is a real Hope, even if things might seem hopeless.

Some of these kids sent thank you notes back to Hillside and stressed how grateful they were for the generosity of all those who donated gift cards. For some of the kids that received gift cards, it was the only thing they received this Christmas. For others, it was used to by groceries or special food for a nice meal with their family. For one who wrote back, knowing people cared was enough to convince her she no longer needed to sell drugs to buy clothes…

What you do matters.

“It’s great that God put in your guys hearts to give us money to go shopping for ourselves for Christmas. It’s cool that you guys did that because during the holidays, I struggle with depression and other stuff and it makes me smile and more happy when I got the opportunity to go shopping… Christmas is not about the gifts, it is about the birth of Jesus. Thank you for giving to me this Christmas.” – Alissa

“I want to say thank you guys for giving us a gift card. The reason I say this is because not a lot of people give me things. I really appreciate that you gave one to us… Knowing that there are people that care about kids, especially the ones that are not with their families, this shows that there are people who have a big heart. I can’t trust many people but I can trust that people have good hearts, especially you guys.” – Marissa

“I appreciate it a lot. I got a few things I’ve been wanting and needing. It means so much just knowing that there are people who care still out there. You didn’t have to, but you still did. Shows what a big heart you guys have. God bless you.” – Mason