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Only God: A Marriage Restored



Only God: A Marriage Restored

May 3, 2019

Only God: A Marriage Restored

May 3, 2019

God is good.

For Brian and Roxanne McDermott, the past few years of marriage have had its ups, downs and everything in between. After walking through some rough patches, they sought after God and His plan for their marriage.

Now, on the other side of healing, they find themselves deeper in love with God and each other. Standing on their covenant, they firmly believe it was ONLY GOD that saved their marriage. Even in the hard times, He is still good.

About a year ago, the McDermotts were at a crossroad in their marriage. Outside influences caused constant arguments and pain, and they found their marriage in a bad place.

“Honestly, I felt lost,” Roxanne says. “I wasn’t sure where it was going to go.”Brian spent most of his days on the baseball field – or “his church,” as he would refer to it. He would spend all day there, leaving Roxanne to take their kids to church and lunch by herself.

“This led to many fights,” she says. “But I prayed.”

In an ONLY GOD kind of way, baby steps ultimately led to transformation.

At first, Brian agreed to attend a marriage class at Hillside. Then, he started occasionally coming to church with Roxanne on Sundays. Finally, he agreed to sign up for Rooted with her.

“That was the turning point,” Roxanne says. “Rooted changed everything for us.”Walking through Rooted was ultimately what brought healing, restoration and HOPE for the McDermotts.

“The first week, we thought we had nothing in common with our group, and we could not see how this was going to help anything,” Roxanne says. “However, each week, through the study, prayer and meeting with our group, we saw our relationship with God, with our group, and especially with each other grow stronger.”

When we surrender our control and align our lives with God, we make room for His miraculous work to happen.

It doesn’t mean it will be easy, it doesn’t mean our marriages will be perfect; but it does mean we can trust the process and trust His perfect timing as we watch Him do what only He can do.For the McDermotts, God used Rooted to soften their hearts and draw them closer to Him. In doing so, they saw Him work in a profound way in their marriage – something Roxanne says has given her new perspective.

“I truly believe anything can be changed and repaired. We’re never too far gone for God!” she says. “Prayer really works. Giving it to God really works. He doesn’t always give you what you think you need or want, and He definitely doesn’t do it on your timeline. It takes hard work, but don’t give up. Let God do what He does best.”


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