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Date Night : Quarantine Style



Date Night : Quarantine Style

May 15, 2020

Date Night : Quarantine Style

May 15, 2020

Though the dust has settled from the initial shock of this “shelter at home” season, there is still much uncertainty as to when certain restrictions will lift. As many married couples have now been quarantined together for two months and counting, date nights might look different – but they can, and SHOULD, still exist!

Our Facebook Live last night featured Ryan and Harmony Bathauer sharing some great suggestions on how to make date nights happen at home, but here they are for you to check-off as you intentionally and creatively love your spouse in this unique time in our lives.

Cook Together

Whether you grab takeout for dinner or make something together, the act of spending time in the kitchen will reap much benefits – good food, good company, and depending on your level of cooking expertise, maybe even some good laughs.

Double Date, Triple Date… or More?

Hop on Zoom with your closest crew and play your own version of the Dating Game or spouse competition scavenger hunts. Learn some fun things about your friends and your spouse!

Board Games

Maybe you have a games closet that has been neglected because of busy schedules. Well, now is the time to open it up, dust off those games, and challenge your spouse to a card game or two.

Patio or Porch Picnic

Put some intentional effort into date night. Change out of the usual quarantine uniform, get dressed up a bit, and head out to the porch or patio for an evening dinner. You could even set the mood a bit with some nice candles, a good playlist, and of course, a good dessert or two.

Good Ol’ Fashioned Conversation

Put down the phones, turn off Netflix – yes, you can do it! – and spend time talking. Discuss your days and spend time connecting as you remember why you fell in love with your spouse. In a time when the world seems very grim, let yourselves talk about the things that make you happy and bring joy.Resist the urge to talk about your kids, if you have them. Instead, ask each other a few fun questions (Where do you want to go first after quarantine? What is your dream date? If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?) and then go deeper (What is God teaching you right now? What are you struggling with most in this season?).

Simple Acts of Love

If you can’t carve out the space just yet for an actual date night, find simple ways to love and serve your spouse. This looks different for everyone, but here are a few easy ideas: let your spouse sleep in as you get up with the kids, share cooking/cleaning duties, help fold laundry, etc. Sometimes the act of love, without being asked for help, is the sweetest surprise.

We are walking through very unique and unparalleled times, and if you are enduring it with your spouse at home in quarantine, then appreciate the gift God has given you in your companion. As you learn together and grow together, make sure to give grace. Lean on God, keep Him as the focal point, and love others like He loves you.