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Unpacking Our Invite Kit



Unpacking Our Invite Kit

Dec 6, 2021

Unpacking Our Invite Kit

Dec 6, 2021

You got an invite kit. Now what?

If you were with us for our Christmas Night of Worship or at one of our gatherings this past weekend, then you likely grabbed one of our Christmas invite kits. We have been so excited to get these in your hands, but now you might be wondering – what do I do with it?Our prayer is that this box would encourage and equip you to share the hope of Jesus this Christmas season and invite someone to join you at a Christmas Eve gathering. Scroll down for a list of each item and how YOU can use it to grow in your faith and share the love of Jesus with others in the coming weeks.

In the Invite Kit:

  • Advent Videos: The Bible Project Advent series is a powerful resource for you and your families to walk through that focuses on peace, hope, joy, and love. Use this to guide you and help center you as we get closer to Christmas.
  • Spotify Playlist: We all love Christmas music, so we’ve put together a specially curated list of our favorite songs that we sing during the month of December in our gatherings. Use this to worship together and stay focused on Jesus.
  • Random Acts of Kindness: This world needs the love of Jesus like never before. Use this list to go through some Christmas activities and help spread some Christmas cheer to all we encounter. Your small act of kindness could be the pivotal moment that points to the joy found in Jesus.
  • Kids Invite Card, Cookie Mix and Cutter: Color the cute invite card, bake up a batch of cookies, and deliver them to a friend or neighbor that YOU want to invite to a Christmas Eve gathering!
  • Christmas Eve Invite Cards: Who are your FIVE? We all have people around us that desperately need to hear about God’s love for them, and Christmas is the perfect opportunity to invite friends, family, coworkers or neighbors to join you at church. These cards are an easy way for them to get more information.

We hope you enjoy this kit and we are praying for God to use it in powerful ways for His glory. Make sure to tag us on social media, @hillsidechurches, so we can follow along!

If you are part of our online family, or you didn’t have a chance to pick one up in person, we have posted all of the printables online for you to download. CLICK HERE!

Christmas at Hillside

Join us for Christmas Eve at Hillside as we celebrate the birth of Jesus together! All gatherings will be available in person and and by livestream at or on Youtube.

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