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On Your Way

On Your Way

Every morning, you have to pull yourself out of bed, and in some form or fashion, get ready for the day. After brushing your teeth, making your coffee, and feeding your family, you check the clock and are “ON YOUR WAY" to either work, school, church or, in this season of pandemic living, quite possibly just your computer for work or a Zoom meeting.

No matter where you are headed, and how far you are traveling, are you making the most of your time spent getting there?

In the car?

During your drive time, can you more intentionally prepare for the place you need to be, and if so, does God come to mind? Can the commute in your car be a time in which you can pray, worship or simply talk to God?

Staying home?

As you sit around your breakfast table, can you find time to pray? As you get ready for the day, is there a worship playlist you might be able to listen to and prepare your heart?

On Your Way

Here are some practical ways you can begin to invite God into the moments you are “ON YOUR WAY” by inviting His presence into your day.

  1. SET THE TONE OF YOUR day WITH WORSHIP songs we are singing around Hillside.

  2. 3 prayers to help you prepare for the day.

    • God, give me ears to hear where you are trying to speak to me, a mind to comprehend how to live it out, and heart to understand your will within it all.
    • God, offer me one meaningful interaction with somebody today to be a conduit of your love.
    • God, thank you for….  Express gratitude for how God HAS been working or showing up in your life. In doing this, you may begin to notice attributes of God and how his presence surrounds you each and every day, even when it seems less obvious.
  3. Ask questions and have conversation with someone headed the same place you are, whether face to face or texting.

    • Who is someone we know we can be praying for today?
    • How have you seen God at work in your life this past week (among friends, at work, in your neighborhood, through family, at the grocery store, etc.)
    • Is there something you are looking forward to about today?
    • Who is someone we can serve for show care to this week?
    • BONUS POINTS! Keep a note or journal of the requests shared. The oldest child or a parent can keep track.

Resources for Daily Worship

Bible Study Resources

Looking for a bible app that also has daily devotions?
YouVersion Mobile App
YouVersion Mobile App for Kids

Easy to follow biblical explanation videos and print materials for for all ages:

Sacred Pathways

Sacred Pathways reveals nine distinct spiritual temperaments--and their strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies--to help you improve your spiritual life and deepen your personal walk with God.

This book and these resource tools by author, Gary Thomas, are here to be a resource to you on understanding, more intentionally, some of the beautiful pathways in which we uniquely connect with God in worship. Below you’ll find a link to the book, a free online assessment to find out your unique affinity towards the 9 pathways and a free study guide to explore them further too.


For a quick overview of the Sacred Pathways, check out this article.

Click here to buy the book.

Take the free Sacred Pathways assessment here.